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In the past, romance was a fairly cut and dry operation. Boy met girl at school, in a nightclub or perhaps on a blind date. Boy and girl fell in love, and everyone lived happily ever after. OK, maybe the game of love wasn’t that simple, but it certainly didn’t have the expansive perimeters that online dating has brought to modern romance.

There is just no denying the popularity of online dating. Internet matchmaking has grabbed the attention and piqued the curiosity of people the world over#both the singles, and the not so singles.

Many people have toyed with the idea of joining an Internet dating service and courting via cyberspace. Maybe you have thought about online dating, but are hesitant to make the move. If you’re not convinced that Internet dating is right for you, consider trying free online dating.

There are a number of online dating sites that allow users to try the free matchmaking services before paying monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fees. Trying the free online dating service is similar to test driving a new car. You can get a feel for the service, comfort and performance before making your financial commitment. While there are countless free online dating sites, most offer similar basic services.

1) Singles Database
Depending on the particular site you choose, many free online dating services allow you to enter common search criteria such as age and location. Finding potential dates is as easy as entering your personal criteria and clicking submit.

2) Photographs
Most free online dating services allow users to submit one or more photos to be displayed to potential matches. Most sites request that the photos be submitted electronically, via email. Other sites will allow the option of mailing in actual photographs, to be scanned by the site operator and uploaded for you. Once your photo is in place, your face is part of the database and available for viewing by a world of potential suitors.

3) Profiles
Your profile shares your personal details with potential dates. Most free online dating services will help you write your profile by asking key questions about your age, height, gender, location, hobbies, and interests. Some free online dating sites will ask more unique questions, such as your idea of a romantic date, whether you’re looking for a casual relationship or marriage, or you are are considering opposite sex or same sex relationships. If you spend the time and effort to write an online profile with impact, you will increase your odds of standing out in the online dating crowd.

4) Assessments
Online dating assessments are an extension of the personal profile. By answering more detailed questions about your interests, the free online dating sites can improve your chances of finding better matches. Many free online dating sites have unique trademarked names for assessment, but the concept is relatively the same from site to site.

5) Communicating
Depending on which service you choose, it may be possible to send an instant message or post on a forum to communicate with your network of fellow daters. This is a great way to “break the ice” and get a sense of whether there are shared interests. However, this is where the free service comes to an end. When you decide it’s time to convert the online chatting into an offline encounter, subscription fees will kick in.

If you’re a modern romantic, try online dating as a brand new way to find old-fashioned true love.
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