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Wedding Manners for the Parents of the Groom PDF Print E-mail

Weddings are great experiences of two people who want to signify their commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. In Western society, wedding ceremonies are symbolic and quite romantic, making the event very expensive, as well.

Weddings are lifetime dreams for many women. Some men also imagine being involved in one, though, the extent and magnitude is not as great compared to many girls' daydreams.

Because weddings are ceremonies that have evolved through the years to become formal occasions, a lot of symbolic gestures and actions are expected from the participants. From the bride to the groom, to the maid of honor and best man, Western society has come up with traditional wedding etiquette for every person in the wedding.

This article will inform and acquaint you to the traditional responsibilities accorded to the groom's parents in the wedding. You may be surprised that the role of the groom's parents is relatively small compared to the roles expected of other participants in the wedding.

Responsibility of the Groom's Parents

The groom's parents are often at a loss when asked about the role they would be playing in the wedding of their betrothed son. In movies and in real life, it is usually assumed that parents of the bride get more emotional during weddings.

The assumption is usually accurate. However, the groom's parents should not be viewed as parents who should not be shedding tears during weddings. Of course, they should as well. It is because they are also watching their son enter a new phase of his life.

The groom's parents would probably not be familiar with their role in their son's wedding, especially if they had not participated previously in a wedding as the parents of a bride or groom. Here are some pieces of advice for the groom's parents who wish to perform their role in the wedding:

The first wedding tip to be followed by the groom's parents is to initiate contact and communication with the bride's family. Introducing themselves to the bride's parents is the groom's parents' first and foremost responsibility. It would be a really, really gracious gesture to establish good relations between the two families.

It is a role of the groom's parents, according to traditional wedding customs, to host and pay for the wedding rehearsal dinner. The event should not necessarily be costly. Simple salad potlucks or simple dinners would be fine. The groom's parents should also not hold back if they feel the need to impress the bride's family by throwing out elaborate or exotic dinners in the finest restaurants.

According to traditional wedding etiquette, the groom's parents can also participate in the planning stage of the wedding. However, the role is usually limited to merely providing a timely, appropriate and accurate guest list. The groom's family and relatives should not be ignored at this very important event.

Wedding etiquette for groom's parents throughout the wedding

The father of the groom's responsibilities during the wedding is often ignored. It is because they are simply charged with escorting the mother of the groom, and that role is still conditional if they are in good relations # that is, they are not divorced.

The groom's mother can be more active. Women are stereotypically particular about clothing, so tat is where the mother of the groom can begin. The groom's mother should leave the role of dealing for the bride's dress to the bride's mother. She should also not attend to the dresses for the maid of honor or bridesmaids. The groom's mom should instead complement the gowns to be worn by the bride's mother and bridesmaids, not try to outdo them.

The groom's parents are expected to heed customs and traditions during wedding ceremonies. They would be led by ushers to where they should be seated in the wedding venue.

Other important responsibilities for the groom's parents

It can be odd, but in the Western or modern culture, the groom's parents are mainly involved simply in funding or bearing wedding-related bills.

Among the other expenses the groom's parents traditionally pay for are the bride's wedding ring, the clergy fees in the church, transportation expenses of the groomsmen, gifts or tokens for groomsmen as well as lodging costs if necessary, gifts for the bride and the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

Wedding ceremonies are exactly that # ceremonies. The marriage should not principally depend on the wedding, but a good one may make a good start for the couple. The groom's parents should be as supportive as possible for their dear son is embarking on a new life.

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