Landscaping Necessities
Creating the perfect landscape can be relatively simple, but you need to start with the right materials.  Having all of the necessities on hand before you start will make the job a lot easier, and will make your creation come to life much faster.  Landscaping supplies are readily available in spring and summer months. 

Garden Tools
Basic garden tools are an absolute must for any landscaping project.  Be sure to have shovels, spades, rakes, and a wheelbarrow on hand.  These items can be found at hardware and department stores, as well as home and garden centers.  The first step to your landscaping project will be moving dirt and debris, and these tools will make the task much easier.  

The Perfect Look
When you are designing a new landscape, or reviving an existing one, consider investing in additional elements to give your completed project a more attractive, finished look.  Adding stone, mulch or gravel is an easy solution to filling landscape gaps, and creates a tailored finish.  Pea gravel is the best choice of materials to use when connecting a driveway to a walkway.  

Planting Pleasure
Plants are key elements in creating any new landscape.  Adding landscape plants and flowers to your garden beds, or placing potted plants around your yard, are attractive accents to compliment the finished look.  Even if you are not planning to completely renovate your landscape, or lack the time or materials required to carry though a complete overhaul, incorporating plants and flowers will add new life to your existing outdoor space.  When planting flowers, consider buying some landscape fabric or plastic to line the beds.  This will help discourage weeds from growing through, mixing with the flowers, and spoiling your finished project.  

Retaining Walls and Borders
Rocks, stones or bricks are essential materials for installing a retaining wall or new borders for gardens and flowerbeds.  Your choice will depend on the look that you want to create, and the amount of money you’re able to spend.   Find the materials you need at home and garden centers, and landscape supply outlets # or online.

Maintain Your Masterpiece
Once the initial work is done, it is important to keep your landscape looking fresh and clean.  In order to do this, you will need to keep a few items on hand.  An attractive landscape is based on having a freshly cut lawn, so be sure to invest in a gas or electric lawnmower.  Hedge trimmers or clippers are also required to keep shrubs and hedges looking neat and attractive. 

Watering Cans and Hoses
Flowers and plants cannot thrive without proper watering.  For large areas, pick up a hose with a spray nozzle or sprinkler.   If you are tending just a few pots or flowers planted around the house, a watering can might be all you need to get the job done.

With some imagination and the right equipment and materials, you can create many different ideas for virtually any backyard.